Bryant Yee

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Legacy Awards Campaign

Are you a game changer?

The Legacy Awards are an internal program recognizing excellence across all of RTKL. An opportunity to reinforce our core values, they also serve to salute firm leaders who have passed on their distinct vision, sense of community and cooperative spirit. Every year, the Legacy Awards invite staff of all levels to leave their own legacy, measuring themselves against the best RTKL has to offer in the categories of creativity, technical quality, collaboration, sustainability, mentorship and social action. This year’s campaign focuses on the change agents. Those individuals whose ideas, talents and actions have impacted their respective fields in a way that’s changed the game forever.

2012, 24" x 36"

Every sport has its gods—those superhuman athletes who play on Olympus, well above us mere mortals, taking their respective games to new realms. Pele. Gehrig. Jordan. You know who they are.

But every sport also has its share of change agents, those lesser-known tacticians and thinkers who decided to try something new, something different, and along the way managed to alter the trajectory of his or her sport. When others saw chaos and barriers, they saw patterns and opportunity. When everyone was zigging, they chose to zag. And that’s what made all the difference.