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We Care 2012

We Care unites the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Herman Miller, as well as a number of the country's leading design firms, in hosting a holiday gathering for children in need. The day of seasonal celebration includes a variety of craft stations where children create holiday gifts for family and friends. Representatives from each city's foremost architecture and design community are on hand to help and share in the holiday spirit.

This year, we designed a station where kids could create a personal sock-snowman. First, they started with a prefilled, rice-stuffed sock in the form of a snowman, and then they worked through the different options of how they would dress their creation. We had a wide-variety of patterns, colors, textures, and accessories to choose from. Some children picked polka-dot cardigans while others chose Kanye West-inspired sunglasses. At the end of the activity, every child was a personal stylist.