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Cosmo Couture 2013

Cosmo Couture is a charity fashion show benefiting My Sister's Place hosted by the Washington Metro City Center of IIDA-MAC. Architecture and interior design firms join with manufacturing partners to create garments made out of industry materials reflecting a given theme. The design teams have two months to create a garment from concept to construction. The garments are judged by a panel of DC notables during a runway show with awards given to design teams in 4 different categories: Haute Couture, Best Performance, Most Creative, and Audience Favorite. Each team’s finished design is showcased at the Cosmo Couture runway event at Artisphere, as one of the team members has to model the garment on the runway.

This year’s theme was inspired by birds from The National Zoo’s current exhibits and our bird was the Wattled Crane.


  • Received the award for Best Performance
  • The garment was displayed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (2013)
  • Featured on (2013)

View the Making-of

Our team’s process began by researching the Wattled Crane and gathering inspirational photographs. We were quickly captivated by the crane’s elegant posture and wide wingspan. These characteristics mixed with the bird’s natural grey color scheme evoked the notion of formal attire. We met with our sponsor from Herman Miller at their showcase to study the different materials and products available to us. We experimented by juxtaposing different forms, colors, patterns, and textures.

To mimic the elegant and slender form of the Wattled Crane, our garment incorporates a simple design and an emphasis on elongated lines. The asymmetrical length and curved hem of the jacket speaks to the bird’s sleek plumage, while the red accent is a nod to the crane’s distinct crimson beak. The color palette of cool blues, ash grays and white pays homage to the Wattled Crane’s natural hue. We use the Lyris2 mesh from the Setu chair to achieve a feather-like texture, while parts from the seat base are repurposed for various fasteners.

Wing Design Process

3 Piece Suit Design Process