Bryant Yee

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The work documented across this site is meant to not only show what I create, but more importantly, to convey the process and goals of each effort. There is an intention behind each piece and a reason for each detail.


As designers, we're capable of helping socially-conscious organizations in unique ways that can help give them an advantage over their competition. No matter the scale, good design paired with a good cause is a recipe for positive social impact. My goal is to give back to the community by applying my design skills to help causes I believe in. Below is a collection of social projects and activities where I’ve put these intentions into action.


I have been creating things ever since I was old enough to know better than to swallow LEGOs. Still to this day, I spend my free time pursuing do-it-yourself projects and exercising my creativity with my own parameters. Below is a collection of ideas fueled by curiosity that have manifested themselves into a tangible form. They are the product of exploring new tools, materials and processes.